The caveman opens his eyes to find himself all alone in a place with some tall things that even swallowed the skies and the stars surrounding him (walls) . He finds that there’s an opening through which he is unable to get out. There are more of those which look like that strange creature he encountered (remember the cop?). His mind races as he tries to find to find a way to get out and get back to his family and his tribe. He uses his brute strength to break out, but the only things he breaks are his bones. Then he remembers his trustworthy club, and frantically searches for it, only to not find it. He goes berserk at this point, causing the authorities to zap him and put him under continuous surveillance, in solitary confinement.
After a very long time, the cops come back with another creature the caveman finds strange. This creature somehow caused a tingling in his gut. The creature stared at him for a while,  and then leaves. Tho only thing the caveman hears is

“I understand. Though it’ll be difficult, I’ll try my level best to deal with this issue.”

“Thanks,  Mr. Stanley,  your help is very much appreciated.”

The caveman did not understand one bit of that nonsensical blabber,  but all he understood was, he had to trust his instinct. And that instinct which saved his hide a lot of times in the past told him to run. Run as far as possible. He had very little time to make the decision, as he heard footsteps approaching….

(To be continued…)



The caveman looks all around him. There are creatures that resemble him vaguely, but don’t wear the animal hides that he and his fellow cavemen wear. He looks at them in both amazement and bewilderment, not understanding their grunts (the caveman’s language). Some of them keep screaming at each other, and yet others scream into some small strange thing in their hands. He does not understand anything around him. Finally he spots a street dog, picks up his club and successfully lands a hit on that poor creature (Oh, he’s an epic marksman. He led his clan to victory in the great battle of Grunt Grunt). That was his first mistake. a strange creature in blue (cop), aims some small thing at him (a taser). The caveman thinks it is a challenge, accepts and says

“Grunt grunt, hog…. RAWR!!!!”

(roughly translated as, I accept your challenge, creature of this place…. RAWR!!!!), and gives the poor cop a full body slam……

That’s when he suddenly feels a sharp pain in his neck, followed by an adrenaline rush, an intense rage, and in a flash, ends up with a limp creature in front of him. Mistake number two…


(To be continued…) 

The Mysteries of Life.


The masked caveman has come out of his dwelling, after a long, long, long,…(well, you get the picture) time. After carefully observing the present world, he has come to the understanding that this world isn’t what it used to be. Well, to make things more clear, he felt absolutely like Rip Van Winkle (sigh). He seems to be confused, and lost in time, due to the colorful, and at the same time, a very dark world. Whatever will he do next?